Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Why would I want to register?
    If you're logged in, EDDB is saving some properties like credits or your max ly range. Sessions/cookies are not suitable for a long term memory. Most important, you are able to edit stations and systems of EDDB directly on ROSS!
  • How do you save my password?
    On registration your password is being hashed and only the hash is saved in the database. In the case of data sabotage, your password can not be decrypted.
  • What about other personal data?
    All other data is being saved as plain text in the database. This includes your email aswell as the personal settings.
  • Is my email safe?
    I will never sell user data. But I cannot give any garanty that nobody will ever have unauthorized access on the server. However, I will do everything in my power to prevent this.
  • What user data do you save exactly?
    The exact sql schema can be found here.
  • Can I purge my account?
    Before account purging will be possible online, you may drop me a message and your account will be history!