Huan Guang    Security: Low    States: Boom    Population: 1,624    Power: Archon Delaine    158.01 ly from Sol    Update: 1 hours
36.7% Huan Guang Stakeholders Happy Independent Cooperative Huan Guang
Home System
Active States: Boom
Recovering States: Pirate Attack
28.7% Albardhas for Equality Happy Independent Democracy Albardhas
Active States: Expansion
Recovering States: Drought
14.5% The Dukes of Mikunn Happy Independent Feudal Mikunn
Active States: Boom, Expansion
Pending States: Outbreak
11.5% Galactic Academic Training Group Happy Independent Cooperative Thras
Active States: Infrastructure Failure
8.6% Huan Guang Corporation Happy Federation Corporate Huan Guang
Home System
Active States: None