HIP 73370    Security: Low    State: None    Population: 3,522,631    Power: None    140.94 ly from Sol    Update: 5 days
48.1% HIP 73370 Union Party Independent Communism None HIP 73370
Home System
  • Laumer Dock L 506,627 ls Industrial Independent Communism None
12.1% HIP 73370 Comms Systems Federation Corporate Civil War HIP 73370
Home System
12.1% HIP 73370 Republic Party Independent Democracy Civil War HIP 73370
Home System
7.7% HIP 73370 Cartel Independent Anarchy War HIP 73370
Home System
7.7% HR 5504 Purple Vision Int Federation Corporate War HR 5504
6.9% Allied Huacae Dominion Independent Dictatorship None Huacae
5.5% Bureau of HIP 73370 League Independent Dictatorship None HIP 73370
Home System

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