HIP 67086    Security: Low    States: Boom, Civil Liberty    Population: 31,298    Power: None    181.08 ly from Sol    Update: 11 hours
41.1% Explorer on Tour Happy Independent Democracy Toluku
Active States: Boom, Civil Liberty
Pending States: Expansion
14.6% Chakpa Purple Travel Exchange Happy Federation Corporate Chakpa
Active States: Blight
13.1% Marquis du HIP 67086 Happy Independent Feudal HIP 67086
Home System
Active States: None
11.5% Chakpa Coordinated Happy Independent Cooperative Chakpa
Active States: Civil Unrest
Recovering States: Bust, War
7.9% Partnership of HIP 67086 Happy Federation Confederacy HIP 67086
Home System
Active States: Election
7.9% Union of Igbonii Values Party Happy Federation Democracy Igbonii
Active States: Boom, Election
4.0% HIP 67086 Legal Co Happy Independent Corporate HIP 67086
Home System
Active States: None
Recovering States: War