10 Delta Coronae Borealis    Security: Low    States: None    Population: 1,273    Power: None    170.06 ly from Sol    Update: 6 days
61.2% 10 Delta Coronae Borealis Central Services Happy Federation Corporate 10 Delta Coronae Borealis
Home System
Active States: None
10.9% Independent 8 Gamma Coronae Borealis Independents Happy Federation Democracy 8 Gamma Coronae Borealis
Active States: None
10.8% Chelmentes Corporation Happy Independent Corporate Chelmentes
Active States: None
9.0% The Chimera's Crew Happy Independent Anarchy Quilmen
Active States: Civil Unrest
8.2% The Stellar Remnants Happy Independent Anarchy HIP 77129
Active States: None