Arietis Sector GW-W c1-8    Security: Low    States: Expansion    Population: 209,197    Power: Pranav Antal    163.38 ly from Sol    Update: 1 days
39.1% House of the Rising CERN Happy Independent Theocracy Tujila
  • Davis Beacon L 33,807 ls Colony Independent Theocracy Expansion
Active States: Expansion
30.1% Gucuma Services Happy Independent Corporate Gucuma
Active States: None
8.9% Intergalactic Hitchhiker's Coalition Happy Independent Cooperative Equaesta
Active States: None
Recovering States: Expansion
8.2% Errantry Alliance of Narvert Happy Independent Democracy Narvert
Active States: None
7.2% Estra Haven Happy Independent Corporate Oleles
Active States: None
6.4% The Dark Matter Pirates Happy Independent Patronage Gandu
Active States: None