GD 215    Security: Low    States: Boom    Population: 45,562    Power: Zachary Hudson    80.73 ly from Sol    Update: 3 hours
51.0% GAT 2 Exchange Happy Federation Corporate GAT 2
Active States: Boom
11.2% BD-00 3426 Major & Co Discontented Federation Corporate BD-00 3426
Active States: Civil Unrest, War, Natural Disaster
9.4% Gold United Systems Happy Independent Corporate Unknown
Active States: None
8.2% GD 215 Blue Pirates Happy Independent Anarchy Unknown
Active States: None
8.2% Partnership of GD 215 Discontented Federation Confederacy Unknown
Active States: War, Infrastructure Failure
7.4% BD+01 3657 Domain Happy Independent Feudal BD+01 3657
Active States: None
4.7% Revolutionary Party of Chamunda Happy Federation Democracy Unknown
Active States: None