Aegaeon    Security: High    State: Boom    Population: 14,149,190    Power: Felicia Winters    79.55 ly from Sol    Update: 10 hours
53.9% Ragapajo Blue Transport Corp Federation Corporate Boom Ragapajo
21.4% Aegaeon Silver Bridge Systems Federation Corporate None Aegaeon
Home System
9.8% Aegaeon Silver Syndicate Independent Anarchy Boom Aegaeon
Home System
4.6% NLTT 18561 Legal Ltd Federation Corporate None NLTT 18561
4.6% Regulatory State of Aegaeon Independent Dictatorship None Aegaeon
Home System
3.7% Movement for Aegaeon Values Party Federation Democracy None Aegaeon
Home System
2.0% V397 Hydrae Blue Natural Corp Federation Corporate None V397 Hydrae

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