Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55    Security: Medium    State: Boom    Population: 300,000    Power: None    357.20 ly from Sol    Update: 35 secs
27.4% Aegis Research Independent Cooperative Boom Unknown
  • Donar's Oak L 1,298 ls High Tech Independent Cooperative Boom
  • The Oracle L 3,104 ls High Tech Independent Cooperative Boom
32.2% Merope Expeditionary Fleet Empire Patronage None Merope
12.2% Rational Logistics Independent Corporate None Unknown
11.1% Cooper Research Associates Alliance Democracy None HIP 19072
9.3% Janus Incorporated Independent Corporate None Unknown
4.8% I.P.S.A.L Project Independent Corporate None Unknown
3.1% Pleiades Resource Enterprise Federation Corporate None Unknown
? Pilots Federation Local Branch Pilots Federation Democracy None Shinrarta Dezhra

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