Demeter    Security: Medium    State: Boom    Population: 4,723,756    Power: Edmund Mahon    69.18 ly from Sol    Update: 22 hours
57.1% Demeter Crimson Advanced Network Federation Corporate Boom Demeter
Home System
  • Young Ring L 211,173 ls Extraction, Industrial Federation Corporate Boom
21.5% League of Demeter Flag Independent Dictatorship Boom Demeter
Home System
8.3% Ao Qin Silver Advanced Inc Independent Corporate Boom Ao Qin
  • Heinlein Ring M 207,217 ls Extraction, Industrial Independent Corporate Boom
7.4% Demeter Confederation Independent Confederacy None Demeter
Home System
2.8% Demeter Family Independent Anarchy None Demeter
Home System
1.9% Liberals of LP 102-320 Federation Democracy War LP 102-320
1.0% CR Draco Pro-Alliance Party Alliance Patronage War CR Draco

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