Capricorni Sector KC-V c2-31    Security: Low    States: Civil Unrest    Population: 9,177    Power: None    174.84 ly from Sol    Update: 11 hours
26.2% Mafthrasika Universal Commodities Happy Independent Corporate Mafthrasika
  • Everest Oasis L 325 ls Colony Independent Corporate Bust, Civil Unrest
  • Kerr Reach L 3,249 ls Colony Independent Corporate None
Active States: Civil Unrest
19.1% Mafthrasika State Co Happy Independent Corporate Mafthrasika
Active States: Boom
13.8% Mafthrasika Hand Gang Happy Independent Anarchy Mafthrasika
Active States: None
11.1% Liberty Party of Mafthrasika Happy Independent Dictatorship Mafthrasika
Active States: None
10.5% Baijundh Camorra Happy Independent Anarchy Baijundh
Active States: None
10.1% Church of Mafthrasika Happy Independent Theocracy Mafthrasika
Active States: None
9.3% HIP 101904 Jet Netcoms Systems Happy Independent Corporate HIP 101904
Active States: None