Yun Dzacae    Security: Low    States: None    Population: 1,217    Power: None    155.44 ly from Sol    Update: 2 days
36.3% Co-operative of HIP 61505 Happy Independent Cooperative HIP 61505
  • Shaver Mines M 465 ls Extraction Independent Cooperative None
Active States: None
18.8% Starstone Enterprises Happy Independent Cooperative Daesitiates
Active States: Expansion
14.7% Yun Dzacae Purple Organisation Happy Independent Anarchy Yun Dzacae
Home System
Active States: None
11.8% Future of Kamcabea Happy Independent Democracy Kamcabea
Active States: None
7.4% HIP 59419 Services Happy Federation Corporate HIP 59419
Active States: None
5.9% Chapter of HIP 60016 Happy Independent Theocracy HIP 60016
Active States: None
5.1% Liberals of HIP 61907 Happy Independent Democracy HIP 61907
Active States: None

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