Stopover    Security: Low    States: Expansion, Investment    Population: 2,500    Power: None    19.62 ly from Sol    Update: 4 hours
49.2% Gilgamesh Corps Orbital Protection Happy Independent Dictatorship LHS 3836
  • Darkwater Station L 1,497 ls Extraction, Refinery Independent Dictatorship Civil Liberty, Expansion, Investment, Public Holiday
Active States: Expansion, Investment
Pending States: Civil Liberty
Recovering States: Public Holiday
16.0% Revolutionary Luyten 205-128 Coalition Happy Federation Confederacy Luyten 205-128
Active States: Boom
Recovering States: Drought
9.3% Luyten 347-14 Prison Colony Happy Independent Prison Colony Luyten 347-14
Active States: Infrastructure Failure
7.7% Partnership of Stopover Happy Federation Confederacy Unknown
Active States: None
Recovering States: Outbreak
7.4% Crimson Dynamic Commodities Happy Federation Corporate LHS 380
Active States: None
6.2% Stopover Blue Ring Discontented Independent Anarchy Stopover
Home System
Active States: Famine, Civil Unrest
Recovering States: Blight
4.1% KW Corporation Happy Independent Corporate Stopover
Home System
Active States: Civil Unrest
Recovering States: Infrastructure Failure

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