Ross 991    Security: Low    States: War    Population: 83,208    Power: Edmund Mahon    68.26 ly from Sol    Update: 59 mins
20.2% LHS 2651 Alliance Governance Happy Alliance Patronage LHS 2651
  • Asire Dock M 141,792 ls Extraction, Refinery Alliance Patronage None, Infrastructure Failure
  • Mallett Depot M 141,930 ls Extraction, Refinery Alliance Patronage Infrastructure Failure
  • Lee Penal colony L 2,104 ls Military Alliance Patronage War, Infrastructure Failure
Active States: War
Recovering States: Infrastructure Failure
20.2% G 123-49 Coordinated Happy Alliance Cooperative G 123-49
Active States: Boom, War
19.2% Alioth Independents Discontented Alliance Democracy Alioth
Active States: Outbreak, War
Pending States: Expansion
19.2% Ross 991 Pro-Alliance Party Discontented Alliance Patronage Ross 991
Home System
Active States: Bust, War
Recovering States: Blight
9.3% Revolutionary BF Canis Venatici Republic Party Happy Alliance Communism BF Canis Venatici
Active States: None
4.9% Kuk Silver Fortune Company Happy Alliance Corporate Kuk
Active States: None
4.2% Ross 991 Holdings Happy Independent Corporate Ross 991
Home System
Active States: None
2.8% Ross 991 Silver Pirates Happy Independent Anarchy Ross 991
Home System
Active States: Civil Unrest

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