Bach    Security: Anarchy    States: None    Population: 3,743    Power: None    169.39 ly from Sol    Update: 5 days
37.6% Novgorod Clan Happy Independent Anarchy Novgorod
  • Bulleid Mines M 1,628 ls Extraction Independent Anarchy Expansion, None
Active States: None
Pending States: Expansion
28.7% Indigo Technologies Happy Independent Corporate Bletii
Active States: Expansion
8.8% Celes Jet Hand Gang Happy Independent Anarchy Celes
Active States: None
Recovering States: Expansion
8.7% Parenich Inc Happy Federation Corporate Parenich
Active States: None
7.3% Republic Party of Xbaquitae Happy Independent Communism Xbaquitae
Active States: Expansion
6.2% Alkondu State Organisation Happy Independent Corporate Alkondu
Active States: Expansion
2.6% Bach Dynamic Industry Happy Federation Corporate Bach
Home System
Active States: Civil Unrest

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