Rho Indi    Security: Low    States: Boom    Population: 1,828    Power: None    87.23 ly from Sol    Update: 10 hours
48.2% The Fuel Rats Mischief Happy Independent Cooperative Fuelum
Active States: Boom
13.2% WDB Galatic Solutions Happy Empire Corporate Cordenet
Active States: None
10.9% Findja Empire Assembly Happy Empire Patronage Findja
Active States: None
10.0% Yimanbin Nationalists Happy Independent Dictatorship Yimanbin
Active States: Infrastructure Failure
7.0% Youbee Dominion Happy Empire Dictatorship Llyr
Active States: None
6.9% Skiraragea Allied PLC Happy Empire Corporate Skiraragea
Active States: None
3.9% Barons of Rho Indi Happy Independent Feudal Rho Indi
Home System
Active States: None