Oeng    Security: Low    States: None    Population: 1,358    Power: None    178.79 ly from Sol    Update: 41 days
29.7% Zurum Power Commodities Happy Empire Corporate Zurum
Active States: None
20.9% Jet Allied & Co Happy Federation Corporate Oeng
Home System
  • Evans Works M 1,160 ls Extraction Federation Corporate Election, Expansion, Public Holiday
Active States: None
Pending States: Expansion
16.3% Anuron Purple Fortune & Co Happy Independent Corporate Anuron
Active States: None
12.8% HIP 101904 Jet Netcoms Systems Happy Independent Corporate HIP 101904
Active States: Expansion
10.9% Anuron Values Party Happy Independent Democracy Anuron
Active States: None
9.4% Vishnaya Power Ltd Happy Empire Corporate Vishnaya
Active States: None

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