LP 98-132    Security: Low    States: Investment, Public Holiday    Population: 4,660    Power: Edmund Mahon    45.93 ly from Sol    Update: 2 hours
45.4% Terran Colonial Forces Elated Alliance Confederacy Eranin
  • Freeport L 184 ls Extraction, Refinery Alliance Confederacy Investment, Public Holiday
  • Prospect Five M 381 ls Extraction, Refinery Alliance Confederacy Investment
  • Evangelisti Colony L 183 ls Colony Alliance Confederacy Investment
Active States: Investment, Public Holiday
Pending States: Expansion
21.5% New Pilots Initiative Happy Independent Corporate Meliae
Active States: Boom
Pending States: Expansion
14.5% Styx Galactic Incorporated Discontented Federation Corporate Styx
Active States: Bust, Lockdown
Recovering States: Infrastructure Failure
9.2% h Draconis Resistance Discontented Federation Democracy h Draconis
Active States: Infrastructure Failure
Pending States: Lockdown
8.3% LP 98-132 School of Commerce Discontented Independent Cooperative LP 98-132
Home System
Active States: Lockdown, Infrastructure Failure
Pending States: Bust
1.2% Brotherhood of LP 98-132 Discontented Independent Anarchy LP 98-132
Home System
Active States: Lockdown
Recovering States: Bust