Kosraean    Security: Low    States: Expansion, Investment    Population: 2,110,559    Power: Archon Delaine    140.51 ly from Sol    Update: 7 hours
62.3% Republic Party of Kosraean Happy Independent Communism Kosraean
Home System
  • Voss City L 801 ls Industrial Independent Communism Expansion, Investment
Active States: Expansion, Investment
25.0% Black Widow Elated Independent Confederacy Arakwibut
Active States: Famine, Civil Unrest, Expansion
Recovering States: Blight
7.0% Kosraean Purple Deeds Ltd Discontented Federation Corporate Kosraean
Home System
  • Hurley Hub M 1,442 ls Industrial Federation Corporate None
Active States: Blight
4.4% Bureau of Kosraean First Happy Independent Dictatorship Kosraean
Home System
Active States: None
1.3% Kosraean Partnership Happy Independent Anarchy Kosraean
Home System
Active States: None