Carcosa    Security: Medium    States: Boom    Population: 473,723    Power: None    22,017.70 ly from Sol    Update: 31 mins
46.5% Societas Eruditorum de Civitas Dei Happy Independent Dictatorship Pergamon
Active States: Boom
14.3% The Nameless Discontented Independent Anarchy Carcosa
Home System
Active States: Bust, Civil Unrest
Recovering States: War, Pirate Attack
10.3% ICU Colonial Corps Happy Independent Communism Pyrrha
Active States: Expansion, War
10.3% Last Phoenix Vault Happy Independent Patronage Phoenix
Active States: War
7.4% Colonia Council Happy Independent Cooperative Colonia
Active States: None
6.7% Earth Expeditionary Fleet Happy Independent Cooperative Earth Expeditionary Fleet
Active States: Outbreak
4.5% Likedeeler of Colonia Happy Independent Democracy Helgoland
Active States: None
Recovering States: War, Drought