Coordinates: 69.8125 / -1.1875 / -43.9375
Distance to Sol: 82.50 ly
Reserve: Low
Population: 15,632,681
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (Extraction, Military, Agriculture, Tourism, Colony)
Security: Medium
Faction: Independents of HR 2906
Government: Democracy
Allegiance: Federation
States: None
Powerplay: Exploited by Felicia Winters
Sanos - 9.88 ly
Alvarez de Pineda City M 2,228 ls
Erdos Terminal L 1,702 ls
Steakley Orbital M 2,254 ls
Baird Penal colony L 2,223 ls
Blakytny Hydroponics Nursery L 2,247 ls
Blanchet Industrial Forge L 1,665 ls
Cartier Nutrition Holdings S 2,223 ls
Constancia's Industrial M 1,673 ls
Coulstock-Cockeram Manufacturing Workshop L 1,619 ls
Crossland Hydroponics S 2,236 ls
Diaz Hydroponics Range L 1,671 ls
Dogo's Bridge L 1,668 ls
Faconti Botanical Exchange L 2,235 ls
Figueroa Horticultural Garden L 1,705 ls
Heath's Venue L 2,236 ls
Heyerdahl Laboratory L 2,224 ls
Iyengar's Chemicals M 1,667 ls
Jelani's Constructions L 1,664 ls
Lemaire Botanical Exchange L 1,619 ls
Linsley Chemical Enterprise L 1,669 ls
Majoro Synthetics M 1,705 ls
Makubuya's Globe L 2,213 ls
Markus Prospecting Rigs L 2,213 ls
Martins Botanics L 1,670 ls
Mellors Synthetics Depot S 2,213 ls
Mitchell Manufacturing Enterprise L 2,226 ls
Moreno's Nursery L 2,236 ls
Onyilogwu Tourism Zone L 1,673 ls
Otsuka Botanical Facility L 2,228 ls
Petrenko Excavation Exchange L 2,236 ls
Pettitt Agricultural Farm L 2,235 ls
Pettitt Industrial Works L 1,674 ls
Richter Industrial M 1,671 ls
Rodriguez Industrial Workshop M 2,236 ls
Roh Industrial Hub M 2,246 ls
Saccone Botanical S 1,666 ls
Scavo Horticultural Collection L 1,671 ls
Shaula Chemical Workshop M 2,234 ls
Shimizu Falls L 1,671 ls
Soria Chemical Assembly M 1,671 ls
Vasquez Cultivation Holding L 1,674 ls
Vynnychenko Tourism Resort L 2,227 ls
Wada Horticultural Holdings L 2,224 ls
Weber Cultivation Estate S 2,235 ls
Yarovy Hydroponics Farm L 1,673 ls
Crown Vision ++ 2,245 ls
Swainson Installation + 1,622 ls
Weierstrass Landing +++ 2,198 ls
Continuous Digital Research ?
Orange Ring Casting ?