Coordinates: 57.6875 / -65.03125 / 86.9375
Distance to Sol: 122.94 ly
Reserve: Major
Population: 8,687,540,650
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Agriculture (Refinery, Private Enterprise, High Tech, Military, Colony)
Security: High
Faction: The Sovereign Justice Collective
Government: Dictatorship
Allegiance: Independent
States: None
Powerplay: Controlled by Zemina Torval
Exploiting systems: 15
Contesting systems: 0
Banno Station L 32,056 ls
Ejigu Terminal L 32,039 ls
Fox Dock L 455 ls
Herbig Terminal M 745 ls
Kapteyn Port L 1,070 ls
Lintott Vision M 33,239 ls
Larson Lab L 32,047 ls
Lukyanenko Lab L 32,045 ls
MacCurdy Bastion L 1,070 ls
Ordway Port L 32,049 ls
Rucker's Progress L 32,039 ls
Tucker Platform L 32,046 ls
Ziemianski Prospect L 32,037 ls
Fleet Carriers
JFK-92Y 32,041 ls
N3H-76Z 1,070 ls
QNW-04B 32,053 ls
V5J-NKF 32,055 ls
WFG-38Z 1,070 ls
X9T-W1F 1,070 ls