Coordinates: -69.0625 / 143.96875 / 100.625
Distance to Sol: 188.74 ly
Reserve: ?
Population: 6,035,315
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (Extraction, Refinery, High Tech)
Security: Anarchy
Faction: The Stellar Remnants
Government: Anarchy
Allegiance: Independent
States: Boom
Powerplay: None
Cauchy Prospect M 117 ls
Ehrenfried Kegel Platform M 233 ls
Starzl Terminal L 784 ls
Compton Depot L 233 ls
Grover's Laboratory S 233 ls
Knowles Industrial Workshop S 235,182 ls
Poulton Engineering Complex L 235,365 ls
Slusar's Productions L 235,178 ls