Coordinates: -47.84375 / -55.34375 / -99.0625
Distance to Sol: 123.15 ly
Reserve: Pristine
Population: 3,553,054
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (Military, Extraction, High Tech, Colony)
Security: Medium
Faction: The Brotherhood of the Dark Circle
Government: Corporate
Allegiance: Independent
States: Boom, Civil Liberty
Powerplay: Controlled by Li Yong-Rui
Exploiting systems: 5
Contesting systems: 0
Davis Gateway L 2,305 ls
Adama Command Installation S 1,266 ls
Ahuja Defence Barracks L 1,264 ls
Alaneme Mineralogic Exploration L 835 ls
Altamura's Armoury M 836 ls
Arya Industries L 833 ls
Banyard Engineering Exchange L 1,274 ls
Boumal Encampment L 2,303 ls
Charbonnier Genetics Centre S 1,266 ls
Chopra Chemical Exchange S 840 ls
Cohen's Syntheticals L 837 ls
Denisenko Institution S 1,260 ls
Denisenko Synthetics Moulding L 833 ls
Dibrova Military Barracks S 833 ls
Dovzhenko Engineering Base S 828 ls
Faiers's Consulting S 2,297 ls
Galitzki's Consulting L 1,256 ls
Hahm Industrial Base S 832 ls
Herndon Penal colony L 832 ls
Jun Drilling Facility M 835 ls
Khurana Research Installation L 1,263 ls
Kisekka Chemical Exchange L 835 ls
Laflamme's Landing M 832 ls
Lavoie Chemical Complex L 826 ls
Liu Engineering Silo S 2,290 ls
Lusmore Munitions Facility L 1,267 ls
Mofu Expedition M 1,260 ls
Moreau's Genetics L 834 ls
Naudiyal Institution S 1,248 ls
Otueome's Camp M 1,268 ls
Oyawale's Armoury S 2,294 ls
Parkhomenko Synthetics Installation L 2,298 ls
Perets's Genetics S 1,278 ls
Piccard Arena L 838 ls
Pidgaiko Military Enterprise L 1,262 ls
Preece's Bastion M 1,259 ls
Puche Genetics Enterprise S 2,305 ls
Rivera Biochemical Installation S 2,302 ls
Ryabokin Defence Hub M 1,273 ls
Sahni Service M 1,272 ls
Schmidt's Fortress M 1,274 ls
Seok Analytics Installation S 2,294 ls
Shi Armament L 2,304 ls
Sklyarenko's Installation S 2,306 ls
Slusar's Laboratory S 1,268 ls
Thorn Research Site L 1,260 ls
Walachnia Manufacturing Forge L 834 ls
Xie Analysis Enterprise S 829 ls
Young Metallurgic Claim M 834 ls