Coordinates: -113.53125 / 37.03125 / 25.53125
Distance to Sol: 122.12 ly
Reserve: Major
Population: 8,399,181,822
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Agriculture (Industrial, Colony, Military)
Security: Anarchy
Faction: Dingos of Duwali
Government: Anarchy
Allegiance: Independent
States: None
Powerplay: None
Asimov Gateway L 512 ls
Budrys Ring L 1,465 ls
Green Dock L 1,987 ls
Hannu Ring L 346 ls
May Hub M 2,698 ls
Svavarsson Ring M 808 ls
Bedi Industries S 511 ls
Chabanenko Synthetics Plant S 510 ls
Crichton Observatory L 511 ls
Hillary Beacon L 511 ls
Kerr Penal colony L 511 ls
Morris Forum L 346 ls
Ocampo's Inheritance L 346 ls
Sagan Holdings L 346 ls
Saito Manufacturing Exchange L 512 ls
Siakam Cultivation Garden S 512 ls