Coordinates: 35.875 / -181.78125 / 77.5
Distance to Sol: 200.84 ly
Reserve: Depleted
Population: 751,168
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Military (Extraction, Refinery, Agriculture, Colony, Industrial, High Tech)
Security: Medium
Faction: Likedeeler of Michel
Government: Patronage
Allegiance: Empire
States: None
Powerplay: Controlled by Aisling Duval
Exploiting systems: 16
Contesting systems: 0
Alfven Prospect L 1,225 ls
Balog Prospect M 61 ls
Lagrange Platform M 61 ls
Amaike Nutrition Habitat S 88 ls
Ando's Fortification M 3,250 ls
Barentsz Relay L 2,785 ls
Barreau's Workshop S 1,501 ls
Bruce Penal colony L 2,745 ls
Dashkevych Engineering Foundry S 1,201 ls
Flewitt Military Complex L 3,580 ls
Godel Vista L 1,809 ls
Harland Munitions Hold M 3,736 ls
Iyengar Industrial Hub L 2,511 ls
Jeffries Honour S 1,780 ls
Kava's Installation S 1,757 ls
Kook Defence Facility M 2,619 ls
Lopes's Jurisdiction S 1,812 ls
Lorenz Industrial Works S 1,817 ls
Mellier's Armament S 3,444 ls
Osman Engineering Hub S 1,817 ls
Penfold Genetics Forum S 2,843 ls
Petrenko's Watch S 3,523 ls
South Control M 3,251 ls
Spark Synthetics Silo S 1,586 ls
Turay's Keep M 2,869 ls
Uhm Obligation M 3,251 ls
Wollheim Relay L 2,760 ls
Alvarez de Pineda Vision 3,484 ls
Beriev's Progress 61 ls
Coulter Depot 2,088 ls
Eckford Landing +++ 61 ls
Gunn Prospect 3,488 ls
Lebesgue Depot +++ 1,687 ls
Lemaitre Base 3,421 ls
Green Phoenix ?
Public Scientific Technologies ?