Coordinates: 5.34375 / 29.75 / 112.59375
Distance to Sol: 116.58 ly
Reserve: Pristine
Population: 5,427,726
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (Colony, Extraction, Refinery, Agriculture, High Tech, Military, Tourism)
Security: High
Faction: United Coalition of Boonta
Government: Communism
Allegiance: Independent
States: Boom, Expansion
Powerplay: Controlled by Yuri Grom
Exploiting systems: 17
Contesting systems: 0
Crippen Port L 560 ls
Fraas Gateway M 691 ls
Ramaswamy Settlement M 691 ls
The Mictlan L 1,156 ls
Andersson Relay L 932 ls
Butler Hub L 560 ls
Calvo's Syntheticals L 1,155 ls
Carvajal Forge L 691 ls
Chabra Dredging Territory M 558 ls
Doroshenko Nutrition Enterprise S 558 ls
Ele Industrial Hub S 1,742 ls
Kosiy's Consulting S 1,744 ls
Mahajan Industrial Works L 558 ls
Malins Industrial Creations L 558 ls
Mayr Holdings L 560 ls
Nelder Relay L 1,743 ls
Otto's Engineering S 1,741 ls
Parekh's Chemicals S 930 ls
Pena Chemical Plant L 691 ls
Perets's Foundry L 1,744 ls
Sanhueza Inn S 690 ls
Sato's Lodges L 1,744 ls
Shaula Synthetics Hub S 690 ls
Vega Synthetics Assembly L 1,742 ls
Yoshida Industrial Silo S 1,744 ls
Barnaby Vision 1,742 ls
Baturin Base 931 ls
Doctorow Horizons 1,742 ls
Marconi Settlement 1,742 ls
Velho Point 1,742 ls
Yellow Lagoon Plantation ?