Coordinates: 51.40625 / -54.40625 / -30.5
Distance to Sol: 80.83 ly
Reserve: Low
Population: 145,173
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (High Tech, Colony, Military, Private Enterprise, Tourism, Agriculture)
Security: Anarchy
Faction: Eurybia Blue Mafia
Government: Anarchy
Allegiance: Independent
States: Civil Liberty, Pirate Attack, Investment
Powerplay: Exploited by Denton Patreus
Beta Caeli - 12.97 ly
Awyra Flirble L 256 ls
Chris & Silvia's Paradise Hideout L 252 ls
Prelude to Victory L 253 ls
Demolition Unlimited L 252 ls
Dukhnovenko Arms Garrison S 1,690 ls
Gill Point L 253 ls
Heinrich's Expedition M 1,687 ls
Indongo's Arsenal L 1,693 ls
Juarez Biochemical Complex S 1,690 ls
Kohler Biochemical Institution L 1,688 ls
Martins Shelter L 262 ls
Michell Depot L 256 ls
Navarrete Military Camp L 1,691 ls
Pozandr Military Enterprise L 1,687 ls
Pyeon Military Bastion S 1,690 ls
Sahni Defence Hub S 1,690 ls
Sandoval's Jurisdiction S 1,690 ls
Shepherd Analysis Site S 1,689 ls
Tikwa Agricultural Range L 253 ls
Zsigmond Biological S 1,685 ls
Fleet Carriers
H6M-64F 265 ls
JHX-70V 263 ls
KNN-06B 261 ls
M5B-1XZ 0 ls
V7M-WQX 253 ls
X6W-9VT 255 ls
Adams Installation ++ 194 ls
Heiles Laboratory 194 ls
Tusi Beacon ++ 194 ls