Coordinates: 22.5 / -198.8125 / -42
Distance to Sol: 204.44 ly
Reserve: Common
Population: 76,892
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Agriculture (Industrial, High Tech, Extraction)
Security: Low
Faction: Achenar Trading and Mining
Government: Corporate
Allegiance: Empire
States: Boom
Powerplay: None
Crown Works M 1,421 ls
Anderson Horticultural Enterprise L 576 ls
Banerjee Nutrition Base S 584 ls
Baruti Botanical Habitat L 576 ls
Beauchamp Hydroponics Biosphere S 584 ls
Boldyr Chemical Base S 1,390 ls
Cabrera Nutritional L 576 ls
Cheng Analytics Centre L 584 ls
Choi Nutritional S 452 ls
Clifford Hydroponics Farm L 581 ls
Cranfield Agricultural Site S 577 ls
Franklin Inventions S 581 ls
Garg Cultivation Complex S 457 ls
Gluschenko Agricultural Nursery L 584 ls
Gokhale Nutrition Farm S 579 ls
Gwon's Pharmaceuticals S 1,049 ls
Harland Hydroponics Exchange L 448 ls
Heinrich Metallurgic Base S 451 ls
Hong Genetics Forum S 1,385 ls
Horwood Horticultural Estate S 576 ls
Ito Biological Enterprise L 452 ls
Jaitly Hydroponics Nursery L 449 ls
Kisekka Horticultural Biome S 457 ls
Konovalets Drilling Complex L 452 ls
Kotyschenko Horticultural Site L 449 ls
Levada Agricultural Collection S 457 ls
MacKinnon Cultivations S 576 ls
Maldonado Horticultural Habitat L 579 ls
Marchal Botanical Centre S 570 ls
Maruyama Research Lab S 1,391 ls
Melo Cultivation Estate S 452 ls
Melo Horticultural Base S 452 ls
Modi Horticultural Centre L 455 ls
Moy Hydroponics Collection S 449 ls
Oladele Biochemical Enterprise L 452 ls
Olatunji's Genetics S 452 ls
Onishi Analysis Laboratory S 584 ls
Owusu's Nursery L 584 ls
Peng Analytics Site S 579 ls
Plumb Astrophysics Forum S 1,389 ls
Ricci Research Enterprise S 1,072 ls
Rios Nutrition Exchange S 449 ls
Robinson Astrophysics Site L 448 ls
Rymill Hydroponics Habitat S 449 ls
Sastry Hydroponics Base S 455 ls
Satapathy's Farm L 577 ls
Seidel Astrophysics Enterprise L 457 ls
Shenna Agricultural Market S 448 ls
Skov's Biochemicals S 1,384 ls
Taylor Hydroponics Centre L 457 ls
Tremethick Biological Institution L 1,385 ls
Vadamootoo Cultivation Holding L 452 ls
Vidal Agricultural Estate S 452 ls
Watanabe Horticultural Range L 579 ls
Zyma Horticultural Site S 455 ls
Darlton Arsenal + 1,383 ls