Coordinates: -32.75 / 10.5 / -78.5625
Distance to Sol: 85.76 ly
Reserve: Common
Population: 3,455,174,744
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Agriculture (Extraction, Colony, Refinery, Military)
Security: High
Faction: Order of Enblackenment
Government: Theocracy
Allegiance: Independent
States: Expansion
Powerplay: Exploited by Zachary Hudson
Burr - 12.29 ly
Blaschke Hub L 67,587 ls
Fancher Orbital M 8,290 ls
Hill Orbital M 543,755 ls
Hunt Enterprise L 67,129 ls
Kennicott Enterprise M 1,012 ls
Kummer Hub M 68,184 ls
Lehtonen Orbital M 822 ls
Rubruck Station L 7,993 ls
Zahn Station L 8,093 ls
Cochrane Base L 341 ls
McMullen Beacon L 341 ls
Mohun's Inheritance L 280 ls
Niven's Inheritance L 469 ls
Tarski Point L 575 ls