Coordinates: -342.3125 / -219.28125 / -952.71875
Distance to Sol: 1,035.83 ly
Reserve: Pristine
Population: 29,245
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Agriculture (High Tech, Tourism, Service, Extraction)
Security: Medium
Faction: The Allied Order of Exemplars
Government: Theocracy
Allegiance: Alliance
States: Boom
Powerplay: None
Darwin Research Facility L 8 ls
Ashford's Research S 2,964 ls
Bellegrade Nutrition Holdings S 1,736 ls
Bitterlin's Farm S 1,711 ls
Buhle Leisure Site L 2,391 ls
Bullen Botanical Estate S 69 ls
Charbonnier Horticultural Holding S 1,739 ls
Dashkevych Analytics S 2,957 ls
Garg Inn L 2,962 ls
Holthausen Prospecting S 69 ls
Igbinedion Research Enterprise S 2,387 ls
Ilsley Drilling Complex M 69 ls
Jarvis Extraction Facility L 69 ls
Kolsuk Biochemical Assembly S 2,970 ls
Konovalets Nutrition Biosphere S 1,734 ls
Kotsubinsky Cultivation Estate S 1,741 ls
Lehmann Agricultural Site S 1,711 ls
Lyashenko Plantations S 69 ls
Macleod Biological Institution S 2,974 ls
Malyarenko Mining Exchange L 69 ls
Mead Agricultural Garden S 1,737 ls
Muller Hydroponics S 1,745 ls
Munoz Nutrition Base S 1,711 ls
Neborak House M 2,962 ls
Nishimura Nutrition Hub S 1,735 ls
Nunez Analytics Centre S 2,387 ls
Ortiz Agricultural Hub S 1,706 ls
Otto Genetics Complex S 1,704 ls
Ovcharenko Research Forum S 2,378 ls
Owen Botanical Habitat S 1,745 ls
Parekh Hospitality Zone M 2,975 ls
Preece Entertainment Resort M 2,388 ls
Ptaszynski's Haven M 2,970 ls
Quantock Hydroponics Facility S 1,738 ls
Rey's Vice M 2,968 ls
Rossi Analytics Lab S 2,968 ls
Sauer Genetics Site S 2,965 ls
Stant's Prospect S 1,742 ls
Tanaka Metallurgic Base L 1,736 ls
Torres's Nest L 2,397 ls
Ueno's Research S 2,386 ls
Wada Botanical Market L 1,708 ls
Wilkinson's Reception M 1,735 ls
Yook Horticultural Centre S 69 ls
Zsigmond's Haunt M 2,974 ls
Attractions: None