Coordinates: -6.96875 / -14.53125 / 24.1875
Distance to Sol: 29.06 ly
Reserve: Common
Population: 21,544,115
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (Agriculture, Military, Refinery, Tourism, Private Enterprise)
Security: High
Faction: Green Party of Sameni
Government: Democracy
Allegiance: Federation
States: Boom
Powerplay: Exploited by Yuri Grom
LHS 3531 - 11.69 ly
LTT 8181 - 7.29 ly
Deere Dock M 1,333 ls
Euclid Dock M 505 ls
Mastracchio Orbital L 171 ls
Akinyemi Nurseries S 2,428 ls
Buckley Engineering Installation L 2,434 ls
Cartier Botanical Habitat S 2,429 ls
Ciferri Depot L 2,415 ls
Costa Command Outpost L 1,340 ls
Ele Visitor Resort L 2,428 ls
Endo Industrial Exchange S 2,433 ls
Ferreyra Chemical Facility M 2,430 ls
Hicks Manufacturing Depot S 1,338 ls
Hughes Agricultural Centre L 2,433 ls
Kolev Manufacturing Plant M 2,431 ls
Lavoie's Rest S 2,418 ls
Maldonado Manufacturing Enterprise S 2,427 ls
Moore Beacon L 180 ls
Oladele Command Site S 1,338 ls
Owusu Engineering Silo S 2,421 ls
Watson Plantations S 2,428 ls
Zambo's Castings S 1,338 ls
Fleet Carriers
K2F-43T 0 ls
K5V-87V 503 ls
Crippen Depot 1,339 ls
Conjoint Intelligence Network ?
Misty Vines Estate ?