Coordinates: -11.3125 / -1.03125 / 15.34375
Distance to Sol: 19.09 ly
Reserve: Depleted
Population: 18,267,363
Needs Permit: No
Economy: High Tech (Industrial, Military, Refinery, Colony, Tourism, Private Enterprise)
Security: High
Faction: Green Party of Bhritzameno
Government: Democracy
Allegiance: Federation
States: Boom
Powerplay: Controlled by Zachary Hudson
Exploiting systems: 12
Contesting systems: 10
Dalton City M 1,933 ls
Feynman Terminal L 1,363 ls
Baio Chemical Plant L 1,935 ls
Campos's Outpost M 1,931 ls
Florianz Engineering Enterprise L 1,934 ls
Froude Camp L 1,367 ls
Giles Keep L 1,367 ls
Jackson Synthetics Complex M 1,934 ls
Marchand Military Installation M 1,931 ls
Ratcliffe Hospitality Complex M 1,930 ls
Rayne Military Fort M 1,371 ls
Rivero Manufacturing Complex L 1,932 ls
Warren Chemical Assembly L 1,930 ls
Fleet Carriers
VBK-N7K 1,366 ls
de Sousa Depot + 1,371 ls
Patsayev Survey +++ 1,371 ls
Conjunct Agricultural Laboratories ?
Yellow Willow ?