Coordinates: -88.5 / -159.6875 / -366.28125
Distance to Sol: 409.26 ly
Reserve: Pristine
Population: 1,212,636
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Extraction (Agriculture, Private Enterprise, Colony, Rescue, Damaged, Military)
Security: Medium
Faction: The Hive
Government: Dictatorship
Allegiance: Thargoid
States: None
Powerplay: None
Rescue Ship - Titan's Daughter L 230 ls
Titan's Daughter L 230 ls
Vanguard SL32 L 2,184 ls
Biobaku Botanical Estate L 5,239 ls
Brewer Cultivation Biosphere L 5,213 ls
Chang Nutrition Holding S 3,942 ls
Close Horticultural Holding S 5,232 ls
Dembele Drilling Rigs S 5,241 ls
Egebe Nutrition Biosphere L 5,224 ls
Fischer Cultivation Estate S 5,226 ls
Florianz Nutrition Collection S 3,083 ls
Franklin Mining Platform S 3,079 ls
Hardy Horticultural Exchange L 3,081 ls
Karpenko Nutrition Hub L 5,236 ls
Koo Nutrition Farm S 5,267 ls
Lemaire's Prospect S 3,080 ls
Myeni Cultivation Estate L 3,953 ls
Nguesso Horticultural Nursery L 2,139 ls
Opeyemi's Minerals M 3,077 ls
Park Cultivation Enterprise S 2,143 ls
Quinn Cultivation Habitat S 5,224 ls
Rayhan al-Biruni Vista L 5,218 ls
Yeo's Quarry M 5,225 ls
Yin Horticultural S 5,241 ls
Fleet Carriers
F2K-35Z 2,167 ls
J8N-GTK 38 ls
JFZ-WTQ 38 ls
K4Z-49K 234 ls
K7Y-4HM 38 ls
KBL-25K 69 ls
Q6K-NHW 69 ls
Q8F-5XF 1,641 ls
V3H-G7M 38 ls
V4T-7HJ 69 ls
X3Y-TKW 234 ls
X7Z-69X 2,172 ls
Listening Post 234 ls