Coordinates: -58.875 / -21.53125 / -54.84375
Distance to Sol: 83.29 ly
Reserve: Major
Population: 858,330
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (Agriculture, Extraction, Refinery, Colony)
Security: Low
Faction: Aseveljet
Government: Cooperative
Allegiance: Independent
States: Boom
Powerplay: Exploited by Pranav Antal
NLTT 6655 - 6.39 ly
Hearthrug Gruvara L 105 ls
Lanier Colony M 202 ls
Port Zelada L 65 ls
Abebe Botanical Exchange L 485 ls
Anand Botanical Hub L 2,210 ls
Apara Agricultural Market L 484 ls
Armstrong Nutrition Biosphere L 484 ls
Aubert's Territory S 842 ls
Baek Hydroponics Garden L 637 ls
Batra Cultivation Garden L 289 ls
Batterham Horticultural Exchange L 291 ls
Beauchamp Agricultural Base S 484 ls
Biggs Hydroponics Complex S 201 ls
Biggs Hydroponics Farm L 483 ls
Biobaku Hydroponics Hub S 637 ls
Blakytny Drilling Platform L 2,192 ls
Bustamante Mining Complex S 2,207 ls
Bustos's Conservatory L 485 ls
Charitou Horticultural Holding S 636 ls
Dabral Excavation Hub S 105 ls
Doshi's Reserve S 2,214 ls
Dukuly Horticultural Hub S 484 ls
Estrada Hydroponics Range S 484 ls
Farias Agricultural Facility L 484 ls
Garneau Settlement L 105 ls
Goswami Mining Installation L 105 ls
Gotlieb Relay L 2,209 ls
Gough Botanical Garden S 484 ls
Herraez Horticultural Nursery S 485 ls
Hobbs Agricultural Collection L 638 ls
Koroma Mineralogic Exchange L 1,250 ls
Laister Nutrition Centre L 636 ls
Mathibeli Hydroponics Biome S 200 ls
Nakagawa Horticultural Estate S 485 ls
Navarro Agricultural Garden L 290 ls
Ono Botanical Farm L 640 ls
Osei Cultivation Centre S 637 ls
Osman Agricultural Holding S 637 ls
Otto Horticultural Holdings S 485 ls
Poulton Cultivation Site L 289 ls
Russo Cultivation Range L 640 ls
Scott Hydroponics Site S 483 ls
Sharpe Nurseries L 485 ls
Skoropadsky Botanical Nursery S 290 ls
Takada Cultivation Exchange L 484 ls
Vogel Botanical Range L 640 ls
Wells Prospecting Exchange S 2,214 ls
Yook Cultivation Hub L 483 ls
Zambo Hydroponics Base L 290 ls
Zeng Agricultural Estate L 290 ls
Forsskal Arena ++ 2,187 ls
Friesner Vision +++ 2,191 ls
Gentle's Inheritance 2,191 ls
Jensen Settlement + 2,189 ls
Pook Terminal 2,189 ls
Shiner Keep +++ 2,191 ls
First Control Network ?
Ships Lost in Space 65 ls
The Black Prince 2,203 ls