Coordinates: 97.875 / -86.90625 / 64.125
Distance to Sol: 145.75 ly
Reserve: Depleted
Population: 201,947
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Extraction (Military, High Tech, Agriculture, Refinery, Industrial, Colony, Tourism, Private Enterprise)
Security: Medium
Faction: Party of Yoru
Government: Dictatorship
Allegiance: Independent
States: Boom, Civil Liberty
Powerplay: Exploited by Aisling Duval
Untun - 13.54 ly
Caidin Reach M 42 ls
Manning Base M 51 ls
Alonso Mining Base L 1,332 ls
Amaechi Fortification L 1,931 ls
Avery Astrophysics Site S 2,674 ls
Badeaux Botanical Facility L 434 ls
Baek Drilling Station L 1,306 ls
Bargh Research Lab S 2,675 ls
Barnett Analysis Complex L 1,927 ls
Borde Metallurgic Territory L 1,319 ls
Broutsos Biochemical Site S 2,679 ls
Chisholm Chemical Base S 527 ls
Close Extraction Site L 1,318 ls
Conde Chemical Assembly S 433 ls
Contreras's Consulting S 1,325 ls
Danforth Prospect L 89 ls
Doroshenko Extraction Platform S 1,297 ls
Enver Munitions Hold M 1,909 ls
Flindt's Minerals S 433 ls
Grebby Biochemical Complex L 1,928 ls
Hickey Research Site L 1,900 ls
Hou Munitions Complex M 1,905 ls
Izdryk Manufacturing Depot L 89 ls
Jeffries Extraction Exchange L 527 ls
Jun's Territory L 527 ls
Kanu Prospecting Complex L 527 ls
Kohler Mineralogic Hub L 1,300 ls
Lugun Research Expedition S 1,302 ls
Lusmore Excavation Facility S 433 ls
Magnusson Hydroponics Enterprise S 527 ls
Nemo Cyber Party Base L 89 ls
Noel Munitions Installation L 1,909 ls
Osman Manufacturing L 1,297 ls
Pandey Mineralogic Platform S 433 ls
Pestille's Slumber L 433 ls
Rey's Jurisdiction L 1,930 ls
Ronis's Prospect L 1,305 ls
Sar's Arsenal M 2,672 ls
Scholz Deposits L 1,317 ls
Silva Prospecting Facility L 433 ls
Spark Command Outpost L 2,673 ls
Tavernier Agricultural Market S 527 ls
Tikwa Dredging Facility L 1,313 ls
Tsybulya Synthetics L 1,303 ls
Tummino Metallurgic Installation L 1,316 ls
Valdes Vision L 527 ls
Vogt Metallurgic Station L 1,325 ls
Walker Command Site S 2,678 ls
Walter Prospecting Installation L 1,314 ls
Williams Pharmacology S 1,950 ls
Fleet Carriers
VHH-50Y 120 ls
YFL-5QZ 89 ls
Boulle Installation 90 ls
Caidin Prospect ++ 51 ls
Huxley Beacon 42 ls
McManus' Folly +++ 434 ls
Attila Control Subdivision ?