Coordinates: -3.6875 / -22.53125 / 57
Distance to Sol: 61.40 ly
Reserve: Depleted
Population: 287,780
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (High Tech, Agriculture, Military, Private Enterprise, Extraction)
Security: Anarchy
Faction: Hammers of Slough
Government: Anarchy
Allegiance: Independent
States: Boom, Civil Unrest
Powerplay: Exploited by Zachary Hudson
Mantxe - 14.27 ly
Othime - 8.56 ly
Rothfuss Holdings M 51 ls
Slough Orbital L 448 ls
Baio Biological Facility L 3,226 ls
Baker Hydroponics Enterprise S 92 ls
Bray Munitions Facility S 2,438 ls
Brewer Military Facility M 2,515 ls
Burke Analytics Lab L 2,517 ls
Bustamante's Works L 2,506 ls
Chandola Synthetics Foundry L 2,502 ls
Chatterjee Synthetics S 2,434 ls
Chua Command Site S 2,506 ls
Davies Research Laboratory L 2,489 ls
Delgado's Biochemicals S 2,522 ls
Dexter Synthetics Facility L 2,509 ls
Dino Outpost M 2,495 ls
Fraser's Biosphere L 92 ls
Gidey's Armoury M 2,522 ls
Gill Command Base M 2,522 ls
Goswami Military Garrison M 2,500 ls
Gowers Military Hub M 2,492 ls
Grinchenko's Garrison M 2,503 ls
Heighton Construction S 2,491 ls
Hobbs Munitions Complex M 2,490 ls
Horwood's Consulting S 2,479 ls
Jara Arms Site L 3,228 ls
Jawara Genetics Centre L 3,226 ls
Jenkerson Research Assembly L 3,228 ls
Johnson's Armoury M 3,229 ls
Kisekka Analytics Forum L 2,452 ls
Kolsuk Manufacturing L 2,505 ls
Kovalenko Horticultural Centre L 92 ls
Laffey's Expedition L 2,475 ls
Lima Engineering Depot S 2,522 ls
Lorenz Research S 3,227 ls
Ma Industries L 2,510 ls
Marinov Chemical Silo M 2,515 ls
McGuire Military Fortification L 3,226 ls
Munoz Botanical Plantation S 92 ls
Okusanya Biochemical Centre S 2,522 ls
Oluwafemi Depot L 2,503 ls
Oluwusi Mining Platform S 92 ls
Osnovianenko Outpost S 2,517 ls
Osuigwe Hold M 2,494 ls
Owusu Agricultural Complex L 92 ls
Ozarkevich Military Encampment M 2,446 ls
Pereyra Biological Installation L 92 ls
Phillips Expedition M 2,520 ls
Prabhune Cultivation Biome S 92 ls
Sagar Analytics Facility S 2,515 ls
Saliba's Command M 3,231 ls
Sartre Research Institution S 3,235 ls
Satapathy Research Laboratory L 2,485 ls
Schunmann Encampment M 2,481 ls
Shah Arms Facility M 2,469 ls
Shin's Biological S 92 ls
Skov Cultivation Base L 92 ls
Sosa Defence Site M 2,510 ls
Wilkins Command Complex M 3,230 ls
Ziegler Manufacturing Exchange S 2,446 ls
Zuniga Biochemical Institution S 2,444 ls
Fleet Carriers
H1M-T2N 2,499 ls
Q6T-19H 447 ls
Banks Vision + 2,548 ls
Pangborn Holdings 2,476 ls
Watson Holdings ++ 51 ls
Slough Orbital - The Cheese Wheel Bar ?
Slough Orbital - The Cheese Wheel Bar 449 ls