Coordinates: 8 / -11.1875 / -2.65625
Distance to Sol: 14.01 ly
Reserve: Low
Population: 49,769,105
Needs Permit: No
Economy: High Tech (Tourism, Industrial, Refinery, Military, Agriculture, Colony, Private Enterprise)
Security: High
Faction: Alliance of Chinese Elite
Government: Corporate
Allegiance: Independent
States: None
Powerplay: Contested
LAWD 26 - Zemina Torval - 14.87 ly
Lung - Zachary Hudson - 12.58 ly
Sol - Zachary Hudson - 14.01 ly
Cady Hub M 25 ls
Crook Hub L 13 ls
Kelleam Orbital M 34 ls
Amato's Shelter S 818 ls
Araujo's Crest S 1,488 ls
Beauregard Industrial Facility S 34 ls
Bergmann's Serenity S 821 ls
Bueckardt Synthetics Facility S 2,632 ls
Caillie Plant L 45 ls
Cartier Synthetics Silo S 2,631 ls
Chua's Nook S 1,947 ls
Crellin Visitor Complex S 2,631 ls
Drignat Boarding Complex S 1,948 ls
Dukhnovenko Chemical Holdings S 50,863 ls
Emem's Resort S 2,627 ls
Galitzki Munitions Encampment S 45 ls
Gao's Folly S 50,863 ls
Gcobani Industrial Site S 2,633 ls
Geeson's Abode S 1,511 ls
Graf Arms Installation S 828 ls
Hardy's Garden S 45 ls
Henriquez Engineering Depot S 2,620 ls
Howlett's Edge S 1,494 ls
Iglesias's House S 1,947 ls
Karpenko's Cheer S 2,630 ls
Khmelnytsky Leisure District S 1,939 ls
Konashevych Chemical Exchange S 50,863 ls
Kozak Leisure S 2,631 ls
Leonard's Anvil S 1,510 ls
Lobbo's Haven S 1,508 ls
Makonda's Resort S 1,494 ls
Mellier's Prominence S 1,511 ls
Miranda Arms Garrison S 45 ls
Monge Keep L 13 ls
Mordovski Tourist Complex S 823 ls
Needham Keep L 50,896 ls
Okiro's Shelter S 34 ls
Pascali's Harmony S 1,951 ls
Sano's Leisure S 1,952 ls
Smith Tourist District S 822 ls
Song Tourist District S 1,958 ls
Soulier Hydroponics Enterprise S 25 ls
Stimpson's Corner S 2,625 ls
Syvolap's Berth S 2,628 ls
Thompson Inn S 2,627 ls
Watson Manufacturing Silo S 2,630 ls
Winter's Forge S 2,630 ls
Yan Spa S 1,494 ls
Fleet Carriers
X8V-LTL 0 ls