Coordinates: 8.125 / 17.125 / -59.46875
Distance to Sol: 62.42 ly
Reserve: Common
Population: 216,262
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Agriculture (Extraction, Colony)
Security: Low
Faction: Civitas Dei
Government: Dictatorship
Allegiance: Independent
States: Expansion
Powerplay: Exploited by Zachary Hudson
Phanes - 14.80 ly
14 Geminorum - 12.95 ly
Elgin's Reach L 378 ls
Galiano Principality L 504 ls
Ademola Prospecting Territory L 2,728 ls
Anyadike Drilling Rigs L 2,010 ls
Arai Horticultural Biome S 2,009 ls
Arias Cultivation Complex L 2,008 ls
Arias Prospecting Hub L 2,002 ls
Barka Horticultural Plantation S 1,099 ls
Beauchamp Cultivation Enterprise L 1,110 ls
Bengrina Hydroponics Collection L 578 ls
Bergmann Prospecting Station L 587 ls
Bernier Botanical Farm S 2,005 ls
Bukenya Hydroponics Enterprise L 1,112 ls
Chowdhury Botanical Habitat S 2,011 ls
Cook Dredging Exchange S 2,007 ls
Crellin Horticultural Enterprise S 1,092 ls
Espinoza Horticultural Nursery L 1,113 ls
Gairola Hydroponics Estate L 1,103 ls
Harland Hydroponics Farm L 1,105 ls
Heaviside Landing L 430 ls
Iglesias Cultivation Base L 1,114 ls
Kamga Drilling Facility M 2,007 ls
Leroy Excavation Enterprise S 1,087 ls
Lyashenko Hydroponics Estate S 2,007 ls
Maier Horticultural Collection S 1,082 ls
Maruyama Extraction Enterprise S 2,003 ls
Millidge Agricultural Market L 2,007 ls
Miyazaki Dredging Hub S 2,007 ls
Mnogogrishny Hydroponics Exchange L 1,101 ls
Navarro Nutrition Biosphere L 614 ls
Oksamit Cultivation Market L 1,096 ls
Okusanya Botanical Plantation L 1,100 ls
Pan Hydroponics Biome L 2,006 ls
Patel Botanical Hub L 1,120 ls
Pestille Agricultural Plantation L 1,097 ls
Piramal Extraction Complex S 2,006 ls
Rivero Hydroponics Holding L 1,104 ls
Sargent Prospecting Complex L 1,109 ls
Shao Mineralogic Enterprise M 2,009 ls
Sugimoto Agricultural Centre L 586 ls
Uutoni Mining Rigs L 2,006 ls
Webster Metallurgic Station M 1,078 ls
Yamada Horticultural Complex L 591 ls
Yin Metallurgic Base L 1,100 ls
Zeng Horticultural Range L 1,109 ls
Bernoulli Camp 1,093 ls
Coppel Reach ++ 407 ls
Walker Survey ++ 2,024 ls
Abandoned Bases
The Church Of The Path 1,095 ls