Coordinates: 10.5625 / -10.53125 / 29.75
Distance to Sol: 33.28 ly
Reserve: Common
Population: 89,672
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Military (Colony, High Tech, Industrial, Extraction, Refinery, Tourism)
Security: Medium
Faction: Workers of Santy Independents
Government: Democracy
Allegiance: Federation
States: None
Powerplay: Exploited by Zachary Hudson
Mombaluma - 12.53 ly
Mulachi - 8.91 ly
Noakes City M 26,696 ls
Szilard Terminal M 25,459 ls
Akinyemi Arsenal M 27,580 ls
Caceres Watch M 27,696 ls
Collins Oasis L 27,681 ls
Espinoza's Armament S 28,163 ls
Hughes Military Facility S 28,169 ls
Ivanychuk Astrophysics Assembly S 28,163 ls
Ngidi Synthetics Hub M 27,901 ls
Pauli Penal colony L 27,640 ls
Puche Manufacturing Complex S 28,162 ls
Sklyarenko Chemical Facility L 28,041 ls
Vinet Chemical S 28,169 ls
Zubairu's Origin S 28,125 ls
Cooperative Agricultural Technologies ?