Coordinates: -8.125 / 55.09375 / -17
Distance to Sol: 58.23 ly
Reserve: Depleted
Population: 180,537
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Military (High Tech, Industrial, Extraction, Refinery)
Security: Low
Faction: Alliance Office of Statistics
Government: Corporate
Allegiance: Alliance
States: Expansion
Powerplay: Exploited by Edmund Mahon
Ithaca - 12.76 ly
Edison Survey M 14 ls
Thiele Relay M 1,489 ls
Aloisio Biochemical Site S 6,363 ls
Bibeau Synthetics Exchange L 1,488 ls
Casari Research Lab L 2,738 ls
Dovbush Research L 3,446 ls
Elaschuk Engineering Enterprise L 1,488 ls
Flindt Analysis Forum L 1,489 ls
Hughes-Fulford Keep L 3,442 ls
Lagarde Chemical Depot S 1,489 ls
Lorenz Industrial Complex L 6,387 ls
Osuigwe Engineering Silo L 6,367 ls
Perry Barracks L 6,387 ls
Plumb's Works S 6,385 ls
Sargent Chemical S 3,448 ls
Shen Synthetics Complex L 3,441 ls
Stairs Base + 1,488 ls
Pinnacle Logistical Solutions ?