Coordinates: -38.8125 / 9.3125 / -60.53125
Distance to Sol: 72.51 ly
Reserve: Major
Population: 4,222,657
Needs Permit: No
Economy: High Tech (Industrial, Military, Agriculture, Refinery, Colony)
Security: Medium
Faction: The Fatherhood
Government: Democracy
Allegiance: Federation
States: None
Powerplay: Exploited by Zachary Hudson
Arnemil - 14.20 ly
Gibbs Enterprise M 462 ls
Harper Platform M 704 ls
Lewis Orbital L 369 ls
Akpabio Industrial Productions L 372 ls
Allard Defence Hub M 277 ls
Anyadike Defence Enterprise S 462 ls
Badeaux Cultivation Biome L 369 ls
Bardin Industrial Silo L 461 ls
Beck Industrial Workshop L 695 ls
Bernard Synthetics Installation S 369 ls
Biswas's Liberty M 371 ls
Bray Agricultural Garden S 463 ls
Bray Command Complex S 209 ls
Bruni Synthetics Exchange S 284 ls
Burn Fort S 211 ls
Carvalho Analytics Installation S 464 ls
Chaly Astrophysics Expedition S 705 ls
Chernenko Command Facility M 373 ls
Choi Resolve L 707 ls
Craig Manufacturing Forge L 286 ls
Denisenko Botanical Facility L 465 ls
Desai Arms Hub L 283 ls
Dhawan's Bastion L 462 ls
Dubois Arms Encampment L 370 ls
Eames Military Facility L 282 ls
Fernandes Munitions Site M 464 ls
Gokhale Command Facility L 209 ls
Gonchar Engineering Installation L 283 ls
Gutierrez Military Complex L 273 ls
Hartog Chemical Workshop S 462 ls
Holland Arms Encampment L 369 ls
Howarth Biochemical Installation S 283 ls
Kaur Analysis Site S 278 ls
Koh Botanical Centre L 707 ls
Koh Genetics Lab L 371 ls
Lavoie Industries S 281 ls
Leckey Research S 467 ls
Martin Industrial Holdings L 695 ls
Medina Nutrition Enterprise L 277 ls
Noguchi Engineering Hub L 286 ls
Nwachukwu Military Barracks L 371 ls
Ogawa's Jurisdiction L 369 ls
Oksamit Biological Forum S 465 ls
Onishi Agricultural Range L 209 ls
Onyeneme Fortress M 284 ls
Pena's Castings L 707 ls
Rawlins's Foundry L 286 ls
Rodgers Botanical Holdings S 370 ls
Schunmann Horticultural Plantation S 279 ls
Tokubei Base L 465 ls
Uzoh Military Site L 695 ls
Vega Jurisdiction L 704 ls
Yook Military Base L 369 ls
Young Analysis Forum L 710 ls
Auer Prospect 277 ls
Brendan Silo 367 ls
du Fresne's Folly +++ 697 ls
Linaweaver Beacon 461 ls
Ogden's Pride 464 ls
Stevin Keep 464 ls
Lafayette Gardens ?
Vermilion Flag ?