Coordinates: 50.03125 / -72.875 / 46.6875
Distance to Sol: 99.97 ly
Reserve: ?
Population: 14,693,569,540
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (Colony, Refinery, Military, Agriculture)
Security: High
Faction: The Sovereign Justice Collective
Government: Dictatorship
Allegiance: Independent
States: None
Powerplay: Controlled by Denton Patreus
Exploiting systems: 4
Contesting systems: 6
Brothers City M 136 ls
Dowie Vision L 6,392 ls
Evans Gateway M 326 ls
Finlay City M 7,103 ls
Nijland City L 991 ls
Patry Dock M 189 ls
Tisserand Ring L 8,084 ls
Wales City L 694 ls
Watson Terminal M 7,057 ls
Brooks Camp L 189 ls
Fernandes' Progress L 136 ls
Rasch Arsenal L 136 ls