Coordinates: 3.71875 / -6.53125 / -13.53125
Distance to Sol: 15.48 ly
Reserve: ?
Population: 625,972
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Refinery (High Tech, Industrial, Agriculture, Extraction, Private Enterprise)
Security: Medium
Faction: Green Party of Lung
Government: Democracy
Allegiance: Federation
States: Boom, Civil Liberty
Powerplay: Controlled by Zachary Hudson
Exploiting systems: 16
Contesting systems: 10
Harvey Station M 989 ls
Hopkins Landing L 91 ls
Qureshi Hangar M 49 ls
Barreau Biochemical Centre L 1,639 ls
Bergmann Chemical Plant S 2,290 ls
Cardoso Biochemical Lab S 1,652 ls
Choo Agricultural Site S 91 ls
Kanu Biochemical Laboratory S 1,647 ls
Kawle Synthetics Foundry S 2,292 ls
Kosach Manufacturing Silo S 2,290 ls
Margrave Analytics S 2,294 ls
McAllaster's Folly L 91 ls
Mead's Constructions S 2,297 ls
Ndam Astrophysics Institution S 2,293 ls
Nishimura Industrial L 2,290 ls
Piccard Plant L 91 ls
Suh Research Lab L 2,289 ls
Uhm's Castings L 2,288 ls
Fleet Carriers
VHM-W5J 0 ls
XHT-NRZ 2,285 ls