Coordinates: -55.9375 / 1.9375 / 63.59375
Distance to Sol: 84.72 ly
Reserve: Low
Population: 10,791,203
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (Military, Agriculture, Colony, Extraction, Tourism)
Security: High
Faction: Democrats of LTT 15574
Government: Democracy
Allegiance: Federation
States: Boom
Powerplay: Controlled by Yuri Grom
Exploiting systems: 17
Contesting systems: 1
Descartes Gateway M 387 ls
Haxel Port L 766 ls
Yaping Dock M 1,302 ls
Beauregard Munitions Base S 1,300 ls
Charbonnier Agricultural Biosphere S 686 ls
Clifford Engineering Foundry L 692 ls
Cormack Enterprise L 688 ls
Corner Command Garrison S 691 ls
Croft Command Point S 2,383 ls
Crosby Liberty L 686 ls
Dias Military Facility S 692 ls
Diawara Defence Enterprise S 2,384 ls
Du Munitions Base M 2,386 ls
Endo Defence Base L 1,299 ls
Henriquez Agricultural Garden S 694 ls
Kaur Munitions Hold L 687 ls
Kay Synthetics Workshop L 690 ls
Kewell Agricultural Farm S 694 ls
Khmelnytsky's Constructions L 693 ls
Kikelomo Hospitality Resort L 3,198 ls
Kyrylo Munitions Hold S 695 ls
Lugun Point L 2,389 ls
Marconi Survey L 691 ls
Montes Industrial Silo L 1,300 ls
Montes Industrial Site S 1,301 ls
Namgung Cultivations S 693 ls
Navarrete Agricultural Collection S 688 ls
Nnadi Cultivation Site L 690 ls
Orlay's Humility M 1,315 ls
Ouedraogo Horticultural Plantation S 691 ls
Peng Nutrition Exchange L 687 ls
Phillips Military Barracks S 694 ls
Pianzola Chemical Productions L 693 ls
Poulton Horticultural Biome L 689 ls
Pozandr Fortress S 2,386 ls
Rawlinson's Chemicals L 693 ls
Riquelme's Industrial S 694 ls
Riviere Industrial Plant S 688 ls
Rymar Plantations S 687 ls
Saleeby Nutrition Exchange S 690 ls
Shepherd's Obligation S 692 ls
Shimizu Engineering Enterprise L 695 ls
Soh Synthetics Complex L 689 ls
Stott's Industrial S 1,301 ls
Tian Outpost M 2,378 ls
Uhm Command Complex S 685 ls
Zhadan Agricultural Nursery L 693 ls
Zimmermann Chemical Productions L 687 ls
Zuniga's Installation L 694 ls