Coordinates: -20.34375 / -0.03125 / 61.96875
Distance to Sol: 65.22 ly
Reserve: Common
Population: 3,853,461
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Industrial (Extraction, High Tech, Military)
Security: Anarchy
Faction: Children of Anarchy
Government: Anarchy
Allegiance: Independent
States: Boom
Powerplay: Exploited by Yuri Grom
Clayakarma - 5.10 ly
Avdeyev Platform M 1,934 ls
Cavendish Mines M 1,949 ls
Michelson Gateway L 1,424 ls
Beck Medical L 2,604 ls
Brown Manufacturing Base L 2,581 ls
Bruneau Forge L 1,950 ls
Cheng Landing M 1,947 ls
Chua's Fortification L 1,422 ls
Chuke Control M 1,422 ls
Dhar Expedition S 2,601 ls
Doroshenko's Laboratory L 1,944 ls
Dykul Stockade M 1,953 ls
Enver Munitions Facility M 1,422 ls
Favre Research Facility S 1,955 ls
Gairola Arsenal M 2,575 ls
Gidey Munitions Installation S 2,598 ls
Gowon Munitions Site L 2,606 ls
Grover Genetics Site S 2,592 ls
Hardy's Castings L 2,574 ls
Hutchinson Synthetics Assembly L 2,574 ls
Jarvis Stockade M 1,956 ls
Khurana's Armoury L 1,426 ls
Kopyl's Laboratory L 1,423 ls
Kotyschenko Command Base M 2,603 ls
Lacek's Honour M 2,576 ls
Lemaire Command Complex M 2,604 ls
Li's Genetics S 2,575 ls
Mao Keep L 1,422 ls
Marchand Astrophysics Complex S 1,943 ls
Martinez Genetics Facility S 1,954 ls
Matarov Landing L 2,604 ls
Matsui's Camp M 2,603 ls
McGuire Chemical Silo S 1,426 ls
Morgan's Expedition M 1,946 ls
Munoz's Keep M 1,947 ls
Myeni's Honour M 2,600 ls
Nnadi Chemical S 1,423 ls
Otero Defence Complex M 1,957 ls
Painter Defence Base L 1,947 ls
Ramos Analytics Enterprise L 1,955 ls
Riquelme's Fort M 1,951 ls
Rojas Munitions Hub S 1,422 ls
Sakurai's Research L 1,951 ls
Sarpong's Encampment M 2,576 ls
Schmitt Honour L 1,940 ls
Shenna Forge S 2,583 ls
Singh's Encampment S 1,946 ls
Sohn Military Fortification S 1,429 ls
Taylor Biological Centre S 2,577 ls
Ukah Astrophysics Expedition S 2,602 ls
Vaillant Engineering Exchange L 2,574 ls
Van Leeuwen Munitions Outpost M 2,575 ls
Villalba's Creations L 2,575 ls
Wamsteker Chemical Installation M 1,955 ls
Wu Synthetics Hub L 1,955 ls
Yamada Fortification M 1,942 ls
Zoungrana Research Assembly S 2,604 ls
Killough Base 1,428 ls
Przhevalsky Enterprise +++ 1,938 ls
Green Wood Health Service ?
White Hawk Range ?