Coordinates: 432.625 / 2.53125 / 288.6875
Distance to Sol: 520.11 ly
Reserve: Pristine
Population: 1,462,571
Needs Permit: No
Economy: High Tech (Extraction, Private Enterprise, Rescue, Military)
Security: Low
Faction: Alliance Expeditionary Pact
Government: Corporate
Allegiance: Alliance
States: Investment
Powerplay: None
Betancourt Base L 172 ls
Rescue Ship - Betancourt Base L 172 ls
Saviour EM29 L 1,797 ls
Spirit of Nysa L 15 ls
Fleet Carriers
K2N-GVB 33 ls
X9V-TTJ 33 ls
Abandoned Bases
Geological Survey 23B 33 ls
Abandoned Bases
Crashed Thargoid Ship 33 ls
Wrecked SRV 33 ls