Coordinates: 72.75 / 48.75 / 68.25
Distance to Sol: 111.03 ly
Reserve: Low
Population: 5,000,017,277
Needs Permit: No
Economy: High Tech (Tourism, Industrial, Extraction, Private Enterprise, Military, Colony)
Security: High
Faction: Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps
Government: Cooperative
Allegiance: Alliance
States: Boom, Civil Liberty, Expansion
Powerplay: Controlled by Edmund Mahon
Exploiting systems: 24
Contesting systems: 0
Chariot of Rhea L 3,087 ls
George Lucas L 258 ls
Kolmogorov Hub M 3,088 ls
Batterham Hostel M 3,073 ls
Chawla Synthetics Complex S 3,086 ls
Cotton Engineering Foundry L 3,083 ls
Fra Drilling Rigs L 3,088 ls
Franklin Engineering Exchange L 3,082 ls
Fuentes Manufacturing Workshop L 3,084 ls
Lane's Pearl M 3,082 ls
Mahama's Vista L 3,090 ls
Mahto Chemical Foundry M 3,083 ls
Matsuda Synthetics Complex L 3,083 ls
Olowe Tourism Hostel M 3,080 ls
Pandey's Point M 3,087 ls
Sastry's Works M 3,084 ls
Semwal Defence Barracks L 3,087 ls
Vatermann LLC L 17 ls
Villeneuve Manufacturing Enterprise S 3,093 ls
Wu's Berth L 3,083 ls
Fleet Carriers
H2F-G4Q 0 ls
T0Z-1XW 0 ls
T5W-98H 259 ls
VBY-LXV 259 ls
Y0T-79Z 258 ls
Tolstoi Barracks ++ 2,985 ls
Associated Pharmaceutical Services 3,044 ls
Chapel Centre 3,035 ls
Galactic Investment Agency 3,039 ls
Red Bell 3,051 ls
Leesti is Free 255 ls
Leesti's History 5 ls