Coordinates: 28.28125 / -98.09375 / 46.9375
Distance to Sol: 112.36 ly
Reserve: Common
Population: 91,006,335
Needs Permit: No
Economy: High Tech (Industrial, Refinery, Colony, Tourism, Military)
Security: High
Faction: The 502nd Legion
Government: Patronage
Allegiance: Empire
States: Boom
Powerplay: Exploited by Denton Patreus
Omicron Gruis - 12.02 ly
Ashman Dock L 144,904 ls
Charlois Dock L 1,846 ls
Encke Gateway M 3,043 ls
Mechain Ring M 2,483 ls
Banerjee's Forge S 146,813 ls
Dhillon Synthetics Base S 2,509 ls
Niemeyer Enterprise L 2,392 ls
Opeyemi Chemical Productions S 3,060 ls
Sar Vista S 3,056 ls
Strzelecki Beacon L 146,813 ls
Walters Penal colony L 2,330 ls