Coordinates: -0.6875 / -9.09375 / 9.09375
Distance to Sol: 12.88 ly
Reserve: Low
Population: 309,388
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Refinery (Industrial, Extraction, High Tech, Agriculture, Private Enterprise, Colony)
Security: Medium
Faction: Future of EZ Aquarii
Government: Democracy
Allegiance: Federation
States: None
Powerplay: Contested
Bhritzameno - Zachary Hudson - 14.73 ly
LHS 3531 - Yuri Grom - 8.25 ly
Sol - Zachary Hudson - 12.88 ly
Chiao Landing M 164 ls
Serebrov City M 89 ls
Alioune Industrial Workshop L 164 ls
Amaechi Excavation Exchange L 89 ls
Apara Analysis Complex L 977 ls
Ariss Biochemical Forum L 2,556 ls
Arsenault Mineralogic Site L 89 ls
Barbet's Biochemicals S 2,552 ls
Barthwal Biological Expedition L 980 ls
Beausoleil Chemical L 89 ls
Benelhag's Engineering S 1,509 ls
Bhasin Industries L 1,494 ls
Braun Synthetics Foundry L 164 ls
Brinkmann Genetics Installation L 780 ls
Briscoe Biological Site S 542 ls
Burke Cultivation Biome L 543 ls
Chukwunyelu Botanical L 544 ls
Cook Manufacturing Complex M 1,501 ls
Devarajah Genetics S 2,556 ls
Engel Biological Forum S 1,490 ls
Enju Research Facility L 2,556 ls
Fincham Mining Exploration S 164 ls
Franko Nutrition Centre S 543 ls
Gallardo Analytics Installation L 1,487 ls
Hahm Manufacturing Hub L 89 ls
Hartog Engineering Site L 164 ls
Hilborn's Medicines L 1,483 ls
Ilsley Nutrition Holding L 543 ls
Kabbah Hydroponics Exchange L 543 ls
Kvitka Cultivations L 543 ls
Ledesma Research Site S 543 ls
Lee Biological Expedition S 776 ls
Martinez Prospecting Installation M 2,555 ls
Morin Prison L 1,508 ls
Orlay Astrophysics Installation L 543 ls
Pawlikowski Prospecting Facility L 89 ls
Polubotok Research Forum S 2,532 ls
Potter Dredging Installation L 164 ls
Reilly Beacon L 164 ls
Roh Biochemical Forum S 774 ls
Sato Analytics Enterprise S 2,560 ls
Savko Biochemical Laboratory S 1,485 ls
Schuster Analysis Laboratory L 768 ls
Sengupta Astrophysics Institution L 774 ls
Shi Analytics S 976 ls
Siakam Prospecting Station L 89 ls
Skov Engineering Complex L 1,467 ls
Teixeira Prospecting Territory S 164 ls
Vogel Biological Consulting S 983 ls
Winter Genetics Exploration S 774 ls
Young Botanical Farm L 543 ls
Zubairu Manufacturing Workshop L 89 ls
Fleet Carriers
K7L-06V 981 ls
X7M-B6Q 0 ls
Haignere Terminal + 164 ls
Lubin Settlement +++ 89 ls
Wilson Bastion 1,496 ls